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In 2011, I recorded my first podcast and it was horrible.  I had no clue what I was doing, but I knew that I wanted to get a message across to people.  After a couple of attempts, I decided that wasn’t the direction I wanted to go.  In the summer of 2011, I launched the southern tech news site, SouthGeek along with a weekly podcast tied to the site.  The podcast was called The SouthGeek Ramble and Review.  After 62 episodes and a lot of fun, I decided it was time to shut that show down as well.  I really enjoyed doing the show, but that particular niche isn’t such a niche anymore as there are thousands of tech news podcasts.

Ultimately, the goal of Anairo Media is to produce informative, enjoyable and just plain fun content, no matter what the subject is.  Some shows are better than others, but then again, that’s true of television as well.  :)


The Devils' LairListen now! — [The Devils’ Lair]  Randy Meadows, Todd Gann and Mike Tucker bring their passion for all things sports, specifically Tift County athletics.  They all love Tifton and wanted to bring to the attention of everyone the hard work and dedication of Tifton’s youth in athletics such as baseball, football, air rifle, basketball, wrestling, swimming, golf and any sport that builds character and provides a foundation to springboard the youth into a better tomorrow.  Be sure to check out the show as it is recorded live every two weeks, Wednesdays at 7pm!  Go big blue and fear the pitchfork!

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The Ben on Beer Show

Listen now! —  [Ben on Beer]  Ben Rehberg and Donovan Adkisson love  beer and they love to talk about.  Ben is an experienced home brewer and Donovan is along for the ride to learn, and make fun of Ben.  This bi-weekly show is dedicated to the discussion of home brewing, craft beers, beer news and taste testing a variety of beers.  They don’t hold back – if a beer tastes like crap, they’ll let you know!  Be sure to check out the show as it is recorded live every two weeks, Mondays at 6:30pm! NOTE:  This show is on indefinite hiatus


The Don & Randy Show 1600x1600 ImageListen now! —  [The Don and Randy Show]  From the mind of Don Adkisson, the Don Adkisson Show is a personal perspective of the world, his likes, dislikes, philosophies and sometimes just plain bitching about what is happening in the world.  He doesn’t profess to have the answers to the world’s problems, but sometimes bullshit is simply bullshit and he calls it as he sees it.  Note — formerly called Thoughts from the “D”.  NOTE:  This show is on hiatus

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Yarns and Tales by revLeaListen now! —  [Yarns and Tales]  Yarns and Tales is a knitting journey with revLea.  She takes you along with her as she works on knitting project after project, all the while keeping you entertained with stories and anecdotes surrounding life, knitting and basically anything that might come to her mind.  Her accent definitely betrays her Georgia roots, but that is what makes this such an enjoyable podcast.  Take a listen, ya’ll!  You won’t regret it!

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RanJak Sports 640x330

Listen now! — [The Great Big Sports Show] Jackie Haswell and Randy Meadows love sports, especially college and NFL football.  Listen in each week as they discuss previous games, the upcoming games and provide some sneak peaks into their thoughts on who will win.  If you bet on sports, then these are the guys you need to listen to and then subscribe to their service at RanJak Sports! This show has ended.

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uncorked_v03_2kx2k_webListen now! — [Uncorked]  Relationships are like wine. They can either get better with age or turn to vinegar. Listen in while Lea and Donovan, a southern couple married 20+ years, take a journey to become more knowledgeable about wines.  This show has ended after 33 episodes.

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